Counselling clear the queries, doubts and choices of students that are confronted with in their subjects. Every thing in the universe is tinted, modified and shaped by what we bring to it, by our mentality. If we bring beauty to it we find that it is beautiful. The beauty we see in nature and the beauty we feel in music are in our mind. The expert faculty/staff help us to find out this kind of mentality which is hidden in ourselves by their counselling. To accomplish the above goals we are here with a few vigorous steps. In the first place, we take care to see that every child is personally taken care of. It is a kind of Psychological support that goes a long way in stabilizing a child emotionally, a pre condition for a learning to be successful and life sustaining, secondly, Stress is laid on core subjects in no way compromising with the learning qualities of theirs, so that a child can take off easily when chips are down in this modern and competitive world.

Teaching Positions

7th to 10th class

Teaching Assistants - immediate appointment
We also invite applications for the following Non-teaching positions

Computer Data Entry Operator.

House keeping people